Best exploding currency ever
Only 100,000 total supply

Each time a Fluent(FLT) is transferred
1% of the transaction burningšŸ”„rate


To become one of the most well-known deflationary currencies of the decentralised crypto world.

Fluent(FLT) Mobile app

he mobile app is a simplified version of the Web-app. It allows the user to see quote charts and place basic orders, as well as see current portfolio and FLT balance.

Development Activity

For the past few days in existence, we have jumped pass a lot of hundles, we hope to do much more better with your positive contributions towards this project. Below are some of our past achievements.

Fluent Token Deflationary

The self destuctive system is built on the Ethereum blockchain
the principle is solely dependent of the number of transactions carried out
as every transactions burns 1% of the existing tokens, thereby checkmating inflation of currency
preserving and appreciating value of Fluent, and the general size of portfolio of its holders.


Fluent Token All Details Here

See our Token Information & our Roadmap.


  • Token : Fluent Token
  • Symbol : FLT
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total Supply : 100,000


  • Q2 2019-Starting the Project! Research on Deflationary Tokens Research on Dapps Release of Fluent Token (FLT) Smart contract
  • Q3 2019-Launch AirDrop & Token sale round-1
  • Q4 2019-Token sale round-2 Airdrop Distribution & Listing One Exchange
  • Q1 2020-Another big exchange, Price control & Price growth planing
  • Q2 2020- Fluent Token(FLT) Mobile app launched

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